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Squeaky Marker by Global Magic
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Squeaky Marker by Global Magic

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Weight: 0.050 kg
Features: Find the signed card from a deck of cards.
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Price: $25.90
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Squeaky Marker by Global Magic

Do you wish to own a product that help you find the signed card from a deck of cards?

Now you can do that with this squeaky marker.

It looks like a regular marker, but it will be squeaky when you shake it.

So you can let a spectator choose a card from a deck of cards and sign it, then turn them back and spread. Shake and move the marker over these cards until it stop squeaking. Turn over this card. Amazing! This is the signed card!

The marker can also find the cup that hides tissue, the box that hides coins, or anything you imagine!

Comes with a squeaky marker and an instructional video.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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