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Wonderful Coin Bucket (U.S. Half Dollar Version)
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Wonderful Coin Bucket (U.S. Half Dollar Version)

Unit: kg
Weight: 2.510 kg
List Price: $80.00
Price: $55.00
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Wonderful Coin Bucket (U.S. Half Dollar Version)


The magician shows both his hands to the audience quite empty, and then a Coin Bucket will be displayed to them empty as well. After that, he starts catching coins from the air, here, there and everywhere. He is even able to make coins appear from the spectator's ears, head, pocket. With just some practice,you can do the procedures easily. It is a very interesting and strange item that absorbs a lot of spectators. As you know, the most important part of every Coin Bucket is the clear sound of the coins upon dropping of them inside the bucket. Thus,the sound can easily be heard by the audience in all halls and from a far distance.

The Bucket is manufactured in metal and covered with highly polished chrome.

The pail is 18.5cm high and 18cm  at the top diameter and 14.5cm at the base of the unit. Holds U.S. half dollar sized coins .

Comes with 20 Palming Palming Coins (Half Dollar Version) and Coin Bucket.


The dimensional weight (shippment): 2.51kg

Actual weight of the product: 0.46kg



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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