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Triumph Deck (Empire Keeper)

Triumph Deck (Empire Keeper) Item NO.: 1474248

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Product Name Triumph Deck (Empire Keeper)
Item NO. 1474248
Weight 0.18 kg = 0.3968 lb = 6.3493 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Card Tricks
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2021-07-21

Triumph Deck (Empire Keeper)

One of the most amazing card tricks we’ve seen…and here's the best thing about it - the deck does all the work for you!

Those completely new to card magic can now perform a mind boggling effect - even if you're all fingers and thumbs!

Perform anywhere anytime - close up or on stage - school assembly, party, small group, church service.

Pop this deck into your pocket and you're ready to Triumph! 


Order is restored to a messed up deck, and a chosen selection is the only card face up. Triumph by name, Triumph by nature! 

The magician shows a deck of playing cards, and splits the deck into two halves – one face up and one face down. He shuffles the two halves together, and now they are well and truly mixed up. (Kids love this bit!) Spreading the deck, it's clear that what's been created is…a mess! Some cards are up, some are down.

A spectator is asked to turn any face up card down. Let's say they take the Ace of Diamonds. The deck is gathered and instantly, all of those mixed up cards are face down…apart from their chosen card! Yes, the Ace of Diamonds (or whichever card they chose) is the only one face up!

Not only have you restored the whole deck in a split-second, but you've also found their card is an eye-popping, amazing way!

A double-whammy of magical entertainment!

How is it done? Years of practice? Sleight of hand? Smoke and mirrors? Nope! The deck does all the work for you, it’s so easy to do and a real fooler!

- Easy to do
- Totally self-working, no sleight of hand
- Visual, instant magic

Comes with an Empire Keeper deck, gimmick cards and instructional video.

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