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Multiplying Coin Tray - Wood - Deluxe

Multiplying Coin Tray - Wood - Deluxe Item NO.: 1019958

US$ 29.00

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Product Name Multiplying Coin Tray - Wood - Deluxe
Item NO. 1019958
Weight 0.59 kg = 1.3007 lb = 20.8116 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Coin & Money
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-08-08

What a great way to make money!

Count four coins onto the tray. Tip the tray to dump the coins back in your hand. Count the coins onto the tray again- now there are SIX coins! Dump the six coins into your hand, then count them onto the tray again- wait, now there are EIGHT coins! You can repeat this two more times until there are a total of TWELVE coins in your hand!

The routine is totally up to you. You can start with the four coins, produce two more coins, then put two of those coins in your pocket so you are back to four. Produce two more coins, put two in your pocket leaving you with four, produce two more, etc.

You can even count the coins onto the tray, and dump them into your spectator's hand! The additional coins will automatically be delivered into his hand without him being aware of how you are doing the trick!

And that's what makes this effect so terrific- IT IS AUTOMATIC! If you can hold the tray in your hand, you can do the trick. Absolutely no skill required for this one, yet it will definitely astound your audience!

This version of the classic Coin Tray trick is crafted of wood. It is about 24cm long by 18.5cm wide,  You'll get a lot of enjoyment from this one!
You supply the ordinary coins.

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