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Mind by Solomon - DVD

Mind by Solomon - DVD Item NO.: 1-56

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Product Name Mind by Solomon - DVD
Item NO. 1-56
Weight 0.11 kg = 0.2425 lb = 3.8801 oz
Category Magic DVDs > Mentalism Magic
Brand Wholesale
Creation Time 2019-01-15

The DVD of Favorite Effects from the Book

David Solomon's first professional DVD features ten of his favorite effects from his 1997 book Solomon's Mind and three new routines that had not been previously published.

This DVD is an hour and a half of magic and explanations. David has been trumpeted as a magician's magician, but here you will see him in action for laymen. See the ease of his performance and the fun that the spectators have participating with the magic.


  • Four The Hard Way - A great impromptu twisting effect. The patter with the effect is engaging and the reaction of laymen rewarding.
  • Three Indicators - This effect uses John Bannon's startling "Discrepancy City" move to create an unusual prediction. You have to see this one to believe it.
  • Business Card Prediction - This is a clever commercial effect which allows the performer to give away his business card.
  • No Palm Cards Across - Yes! This is the classic Cards Across with no palming.
  • Double Surprise Rising Card - Two selected cards rise from the deck at the performer's command. No thread to break, no magnetics, and the deck can be used immediately to perform further magic.
  • Technicolor Oil and Water - Ricky Jay called this the most visual Oil and Water ever created.
  • Cannibals - This is the storied Cannibal card trick where two Kings eat several cards.
  • Full Faced Universal Card- One of David's favorite card effects: the Universal card, a Joker, magically changes to match three selected cards and then when passed over the deck transforms to a card that has all of the elements of cards from the deck.

New Effects

  • Very Dicey - This effect has all the components for being a closer for an act. Maybe it is luck that the first card matches the number on the dice. It is improbable when the second number matches. It must be destiny when the numbers thrown on the dice are added and the packet that the magician cut has exactly that number. The last card dealt is the spectator's selection.
  • Mexican Poker - This is an effect devised by David, John Bannon and Tomas Blomberg. It is a poker game played with ten jumbo cards where the spectator makes all of the selections, but is beaten by the magician. This effect will be in John Bannon's new book and is being performed professionally by Eugene Burger.
  • Printing On Demand - A new commercial effect with special cards produced by Meir Yedid Magic. Four blank backed Jokers are magically printed with multi-color backs. After all four backs are printed the Joker faces vanish only to appear on a card placed aside before the effect started. This is an easy-to-perform visual gem.

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