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* E-Rase by Julien Arlandis Item NO.: Y103

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Product Name * E-Rase by Julien Arlandis
Item NO. Y103
Weight 0.39 kg = 0.8598 lb = 13.7568 oz
Category Close-Up Magic > Mentalism
Brand Retail
Creation Time 2019-08-26

More than just a single trick, E-RASE is a utility device for professionals who want the best.
You'll use E-RASE for close-up, parlor, or stage.

In front of your spectators you draw with a marker different ESP symbols on your E-RASE tablet.
You then ask one of them to choose one or more of the symbols.
Once the choice is made, you erase the symbols that were not selected.
Hiding nothing and with no manipulation and in full light, you invite your spectator to erase the remaining symbols -- the very ones he chose.
He will find that this is impossible! The symbols cannot be erased!
How is this possible?
Invite him to rub his fingers on other side of the transparent tablet, thereby erasing the remaining symbols. It's MAGIC!!!!
One question -- How have the chosen symbols passed through the transparent tablet????
An impossible mystery, given that the tablet is entirely examinable.
The effect that you've just read is only one of the many easily performed with this tablet.

You will bring this A4-formatted tablet everywhere.
During the whole routine there are no forces.
The routines are infinitely personalizable with cards, drawings, symbols, letters, numbers, etc.
The principle used, as far as we know, has never been used in a magic trick.
No manipulation, no chemicals, no special ink.
Although it's difficult to believe, you write openly in front of your spectators and only their choice or choices go through the tablet.

Delivered complete: specially made tablet, DVD, marker, eraser, and gimmick.

"The method works well and would definitely fool the audience. It's a very novel and unusual piece of magic which has potential to be something extremely good if you work on it. " -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 

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