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Smoke 3 Electronic By China Magic
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Smoke 3 Electronic By China Magic

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Smoke 3 Electronic By China Magic

Similar to Smoke 2 Electronic By China Magic, but "Smoke 3 Electronic" is an improved version, using a dual-tube manufacturing smoke, exhaled smoke doubled in size, more intense effect.

Produce a Whopping Puff of Smoke From Your Bare Hands!

A simple vanish is now real magic, not just sleight-of-hand. The puff of smoke not only creates the "magic moment" it expands it. Things don't vanish, they de-materialize and slowly dissolve into oblivion. Audience reactions will far exceed your wildest expectation! You will be able to do live, what your audience has only seen on television and in the movies.

New and Improved Smoke 3 Electronic

- No Reset
- No Angle Problems
- Very easy to operate
- Very reliable, low maintenance, no angle problems
- More smoke

Using liquid name: fog liquid (Tip: sold in any stage equipment stores).

Fog liquid images:



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 1 reviews Write a review
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