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Professor\'s Case
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Professor's Case

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Professor's Case

The professor Dai Vernon's smoking photo is known in the magic world, and the pose in the photo have also become the professor's logo.

The prop designer got an amazing inspiration from it, combining the photos of Dai Vernon with cigarette case and playing cards, and presented this Professor's Case.

At first glance, it is just a normal deck, but when opening the case with the card back up, you will see 6 neatly arranged cigarettes and a photo of an elderly professor who is holding the cigarette. If you open the case with the card face up, in addition to cigarettes, you will see that the photo becomes the most classic young one.

Cigarettes, professor, playing cards, these three are combined in such a way.

In addition to its own cigarette storage function, the case itself can be used as a card deck.

You can tell the audience a legend about the professor, then perform his routine, finally turn the real card into this cigarette case, pick up a cigarette, and strike the classic pose.

The cigarette case is almost the same as the real deck, both sides are real cards. Especially the edges of the case, each stripe is as thick as the real card, with a total of 50 stripes, each one is painted by hand. With our hands-on testing, even the feel is almost the same as the real deck.

Not include cigarettes in images.

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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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