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Bolt Miracle (Brass)
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Bolt Miracle (Brass)

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Bolt Miracle (Brass)

Leave your audiences mind blown every time with this unbelievable trick!


1. Magician borrows a ring from audience and ask her to sign on it.Then he puts the ring in the tray and asks the audience to keep the key.Magician takes out a piece of flash paper from a box,puts the ring into the paper and folds it.Then he takes out a lighter and a bolt,lights the lighter and the ring comes into the bolt!How does the ring in the flash paper come into the bolt ?That is magical!

2: Magician borrows a ring from spectator and then takes out a bolt and a lock which can be examined .Magician puts the nut back and asks the spectator to lock the bolt.After that,he gives the key to spectator to keep it.Then he takes out a handkerchief to cover the bot and uses his magical power to make the ring come into the bolt!That is amazing!

3:Magician borrows a ring from spectator and then put it into his hand.Several seconds later,the ring comes into the bolt!All can be examined!

All can be examined.

Bolt,nut ,lock and online explanation are included.

Notice:You should prepare the handkerchief and flash paper  by yourself.


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