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Digital Dissolve (Morgan Version)
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Digital Dissolve (Morgan Version)

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Digital Dissolve (Morgan Version)

A brass chinese coin is placed into a spectator's closed hand. You rest a morgan dollar on the back of that same hand. In the blink of an eye and without warning, the silver morgan dollar visually changes into the brass chinese coin.

The chinese coin is immediately shown on both sides. The spectator then slowly opens their hand to reveal the morgan dollar. Both coins can be immediately handed out for full examination.

Digital Dissolve takes simple, effective coin magic to the next level with a streamlined brass / silver transposition routine that you'll actually use.

You will learn the psychology, the misdirection, the moves, and more taught by a professional that has been performing the trick for years - Dan White.

Comes with the coin set and video instruction.



Demo (half dollar version for reference):

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