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The Magic Cube by Gustavo Raley
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The Magic Cube by Gustavo Raley

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The Magic Cube by Gustavo Raley

Meet one of the most innovative and creative effects of this year, which can make different presentations.


The magician shows the audience a DVD box and accounts are instructions on how to solve the Rubik's cube with this DVD you solve it in seconds.
Next step, Open the DVD box and in a very visual and striking it appears the Rubik’s cube, once this is done in less than three seconds you solve it.


Show a completely flat Magazine open it and shows a page with the Rubik cube advertising in the magazine close it and in just a second open it and draw materializes and comes into your hands the cube, as earlier this effect in seconds you solve it in a very visual way.

I really suggest watching the video of this game is very powerful and very visual for your routines, ideal for use as your opening trick in performs.

Comes with the cube gimmick, dvd cover, magazine cube page and online instructional video.



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