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Windmill Change (DVD and Prop) by Jin
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Windmill Change (DVD and Prop) by Jin

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Windmill Change (DVD and Prop) by Jin

Windmill Change is from the Korean underground legend, Hyojin Kim.

A sleight that allows you to do insanely visual miracles!

- Turn a blue deck fan into a red fan with a snap of your fingers.
- Instantly print colors on a fan of a blank deck.
- Elegantly do a visually astonishing Triumph - while in a fan!

Endless possibilities with this incredibly easy sleight, Windmill Change!

You will be smirking because of its surprisingly simple mechanics. You will be screaming because of Hyojin's clever subtleties and ideas!

At the end, you will be sending thank you messages to Hyojin for sharing this incredible Windmill Change with you.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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