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Static Marker by Wonder Makers
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Static Marker by Wonder Makers

Item: LL220
Unit: kg
Weight: 0.050 kg
Features: A 7 in 1 marker
List Price: $29.90
Price: $7.90
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Static Marker by Wonder Makers

Every magician dreams about owning a magic device that will be always in their pocket, ready to amaze people without any preparation. Do you really want to shock people? - This is Static Marker.

You will use this marker every day. We will teach you 7 incredible magic effects!


1. Shock: With this marker, your spectator will feel an electric shock, even though there are no electronics in the marker.

2. Balance: You can balance your marker in impossible way, defying gravity!

3. Card Ninja: With static electricity and your marker, you will find spectator's card. The card itself flies out from the pack directly into your hand.

4. Freezing Time: You can stop time at any moment, and a ring will not fall from the marker.

5. Telekinesis: Using telekinesis, you can knock off different small objects from your marker at any time.

6. Mental Prediction: You will learn how to read your spectator's mind. You will know, for certain, which city they will choose.

7. Magnetic: You can magnetize different small objects, enabling them to stick to your marker.

Instant reload. Your marker is always ready for your show.

Easy to do. Even if you are a beginner, you will able to shock your audience immediately after our tutorial.

Video tutorial. You will receive a 30-minute video tutorial with many ideas in two languages: English and Russian.

Shock your spectator with Static Marker by Wonder Makers NOW!

Available worldwide!

"This pen offers a multitude of effects and could be considered a tool. If you use a Sharpie then why not be able to do other things with it, and this Sharpie you can write with. You could certainly have the spectator write with it and never discover the gimmick while doing so, then use it to suspend something or have it suspend itself on your finger. I can see this becoming very popular for anybody who uses a Sharpie marker. A great idea with many uses." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"Static Marker is a very cool pre-made Sharpie gimmick that renders you with the power to make a Sharpie Marker into a magic wand…very cool, very fun, kinda shocking." -Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

"All the different things you can do with this is really a bonus!" -James Anthony, Reviewer



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