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Antigravity Box
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Antigravity Box

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Antigravity Box

The hot sale new prop in 2018 FISM: Antigravity Box.

As everyone knows, such anti-gravity props are usually used in stage interactive magic, but difficult to apply in close-up magic.

However, now this product realizes the close-up performance with the simple shape,  precise design and craftsmanship. You can perform the anti gravity effect on any flat desktop, not matter how close spectators are.

The magician shows a transparent box that can be checked by the spectator, and places it on the table. He pretends to put something in the box, and then let the spectator try to take it.

The spectator fails... Although the box can move freely along the desktop, no one else can pick it up, juse like Thor's hammer! Then the magician easily picks up the box, just he can!

- No manipulation. Easy to use
- Fluent routine
- Precise design and craftsmanship
- Size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.5cm

Comes with an Antigravity Box and video instruction.



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