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PROPHECY by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
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PROPHECY by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

Item: Y514
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Features: A new mentalism gimmick with a different outcome every time.
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PROPHECY by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

Do you like predictions?

You know that in the world of mentalism, it's one of the strongest, most intriguing experiences because all of us, secretly, dream of owning this power: to predict...

PROPHECY is for you.

Practically automatic, it's a totally NEW GIMMICK that has nothing to do with double sided cards or repositionable glue. No, this time, it's something else that Jean-Pierre Vallarino has created!
- 52 CARDS

This is the first time that you can perform an "open prediction" with a ribbon face down and face up without hiding anything.
- An absolutely new gimmick
- Anywhere... and anytime
- The prediction can be different each time! (52 possibilities)
- The reset only takes a few seconds
- No repositionable glue or double-sided cards
- Easy to do
- Almost automatic!

There are other open predictions, but none use this principle or allow so much freedom. If you have magician friends, this is exactly the trick that will make them think for a long time!

"PROPHECY, the art of simplicity... When everything seems simple, when art masks art. it is only then that true magic appears! I predict that this new creation of Jean-Pierre Vallarino will be the new magical creation of this year."
- Carlos Vaquera

"Simple, brilliant, powerful! Jean-Pierre is the only one to have ideas like that... I just love it!"
- Mickael Chatelain




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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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