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Multifunctional Frame (Dove and Coke)
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Multifunctional Frame (Dove and Coke)

Unit: kg
Weight: 3.600 kg
Features: Dove and Coke come out of a frame.
List Price: $150.00
Price: $119.00
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Multifunctional Frame (Dove and Coke)

This effect is highly visual and surprising. It is perfect for stage magic and is completely angle-proof.

Effect 1:
The magician is seen holding a picture frame with a red draft of a dove sitting on a tree branch. The magician holds the frame with his hands with the picture facing the audience. He shakes the frame and instantly the red draft dove in the picture turns into white with lots of pentals falling! Seconds later, he makes a magical gesture with his right hand and then the dove is alive and flies out of the frame! The dove perches on the magician's right hand and the picture is now without the dove.

Effect 2:
The magician takes out an empty frame and shows to the spectators that there is nothing in it. He blows on the frame, a picture of a Coke appears on the empty frame! That is amazing! Seconds later, with a magical gesture, a bottle of Coke falls out of the picture!


Length and width: 35cm, thickness: 4.2cm.

Comes with gimmicks and instructional video. Not include any real dove, Coke or SnowStorms.




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