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ESP Rotation Card
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ESP Rotation Card

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ESP Rotation Card


There are four symbols cards placed around a rainbow card on the table. The performer instructs a spectator to rotate the middle rainbow card. Once the rainbow card stops, the arrow on it points to a symbol card. The performer says that he has predicted that this symbol card would be pointed. Fantastic! He opens the envelop, takes out the same symbol card and shows the empty envelop!

- Once the prediction is placed, you NEVER TOUCH all cards.
- Every random rotation, NO FORCE at all.
- Regardless of prediction, it will match 100% every single time!
- Perform surrounded
- No assitant
- Easy to learn
- More possibilities except the demo

Size of these cards are same with that of regular playing cards.

Comes with gimmicks and instructional video.




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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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