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The Power of Concentration
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The Power of Concentration

Unit: kg
Weight: 19.000 kg
Features: Sanddorn balance with a feather
List Price: $1500.00
Price: $890.00
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The Power of Concentration

Have you ever focused on something so much that you were able to do incredible things? The product assists you with that, balancing, harmonizing, and showing the simple beauty of amazing feat of concentration.

The performance begins with balancing a single white feather on a finger, then placing it atop a stripped wood chip, which is then placed upon another and so forth. The performer balances many stripped wood chips so carefully that a single feather can bring them all down.

Beauty, harmony, and balance fill this performance - on so many levels: the product, the movements, and the amazing mobile creation are equally beautiful.  A truly amazing balancing act, this is a meditation as well. Don’t miss the finale; it puts an exclamation point at the end of the entire incredible performance. Along with taking away the feather, the whole balancing holder falls down!

Watch the demo as you will also stun audience with very simple task of carefully arranging sticks on top of each other that have all been balanced with a single feather.


Supplied with all stripped wood chips, a pillar, a pedestal and an instruction video.

The dimensional weight (shippment): 19kg

Actual weight of the product:11.9kg




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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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