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Which Hand?
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Which Hand?

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Features: Perform mind reading effects like "which hand" (and know if the coin is face up or down) with a device as small as a postage stamp.
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Which Hand?

Have you always wanted to perform 'Which Hand' with confidence? Read on!

The magician takes out a coin and gives it to the spectator. The spectator hides the coin into any hand without the magician seeing. However, the magician can guess which hand the coin is put into and also know which side the coin is placed (up or down). That is amazing!

Place the sensor under your watch strap and a vibration will let you know in which hand a spectator has hidden a magnetic coin.

- You can perform it anywhere you want!
- A number of possible effects that can be performed, from predictions to multi-spectator routines.
- Any magnetic object can be used: magnetic coins/currencies, PK rings and more.

Dimensions: 2 x 3.3cm (as small as a postage stamp)

Comes with an electronic detector, a magnetic US Morgan Dollar, a black strap and video instruction.

You can also use your local coin (should be magnetic).

Here is our Magnetic Walking Liberty Half Dollar,

You need to prepare a lithium battery (must Panasonic CR1620, 3V) like the below image.



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