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Multi-Functional Invisible Fire Gimmick
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Multi-Functional Invisible Fire Gimmick

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Multi-Functional Invisible Fire Gimmick

It is very easy to operate!No special technique is required!
The magician borrows a  wallet,money or a card(or a deck of cards)from the spectators,
shows that both his hands are empty,then he tooks the card ,the money or the card in his hands,
the fire comes out immediately from the object(card,money,or the wallet) in his hands!
That is unbelieveable!The spectators are stunned!
The amazing effect does not depend on the wallet,the money or the cards,it relies on the special
gimmick .
A holder is included in order to make your performance much easier.
A gimmick,holder and online explainatory video are included.
Notice:The oil should be prepared by yourself. 


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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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