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Self Explosion Glass (Small 2#, 6 Pieces)
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Self Explosion Glass (Small 2#, 6 Pieces)

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Self Explosion Glass (Small 2#, 6 Pieces)


The spectator is encouraged to inspect a small glass to make sure that it is solid. It is bashed with a solid piece of wood showing it to be virtually indestructible. You take the glass back and concentrate and with an explosion reminiscent of a rifle shot and exactly on your command the glass shatters completely. The shocked looks on your spectator's face and your audience's reactions will be unbelievable!

The small glass is absolutely real and examinable. No chemicals (you could have it filled with your favorite drink during your act), no mechanisms, no stooges. There are no electronics or switches.

If you are looking for an absolutely solid reputation-maker and one that will leave them talking about you for a long time, Self Explosion glass is the effect for you!

Because of the method employed this is 100% safe to use.

Supplied complete with 6 small glass , and explanation video.

You can use an Isolation chamber for safety during your performance.


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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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