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Super Reel - Flesh
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Super Reel - Flesh

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Super Reel - Flesh 
Here are just some of the FANTASTIC tricks you can do with our new FINGER REEL:

You tie a knot in a piece of rope ....then holding it in your outstretched hand, the rope comes to life, and eerily UNKNOTS ITSELF!

Make an ordinary silk scarf penetrate solid objects such as a microphone stand, someone's arm and more!

Our reel will allow you to easily vanish cards, coins, keys, silks, credit cards, and countless other objects.

There are many other effects that you can do with a reel of this quality.

prop is only limited by your imagination.  The reel is made of Steel but has been painted flesh colored as you can see for better concealment in you hands.

Reel diameter:3cm

The length of the thread is 78 cm, The diameter of the thread is 0.3mm.

Instructions Not Included

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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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