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Devil\'s Nail
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Devil's Nail

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Devil's Nail

Devil's Nail is a unique electronic device enabling you to perform a stunning feat which looks like a marvelous mentalism effect or a Devil's Nail is a unique electronic device enabling you to perform
a stunning feat which looks like a marvelous mentalism effect or a supernatural miracle.  The breathtaking routine and the terrific climax will elevate any audience into a shocking trance.

A sharp pointed nail about 6 inches long and a circular wooden block is displayed.  The nail is fixed on the wooden block which acts like a base placed on table with the nail pointed upwards. Several opaque paper cups are brought in. One of them is placed over the nail and other 3 or 4 are placed in a row. The performer instructs members of the audience to rearrange the glasses and place them in a row when the magician will go away from the scene for a couple of minutes. 

The performer returns unaware under which glass is the nail now. He goes near the
table and after a moment strikes heavily on one of the glasses. What happens if he strikes the glass with the nail underneath is known to all.  But one by one he strikes the glasses leaving only the glass containing the nail. The glass is lifted and the nail resting on the wooden block is displayed clearly.

The entire prop is precision made and works on a remote control unit which always shows the performer underneath which glass the nail has been placed. The is absolutely no need to touch the glasses when performer returns after the glasses are arranged by the spectators. 

- This is a visual miracle and will leave the spectators stunned and breathless. 

- The trick can be done again if required but remember magic tricks are never repeated for obvious reasons. 

- The trick can be performed even surrounded and the equipment we supply if failure proof. 

You will get everything you need to perform this fiery routine.



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