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Paragon 3D (DVD and Gimmick) by Jon Allen
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Paragon 3D (DVD and Gimmick) by Jon Allen

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Paragon 3D (DVD and Gimmick) by Jon Allen

You know the effect:

A small clear box is placed on someone's hand, or table. Viewable from 360 degrees, a folded card is seen inside. After performing your favourite signed card routine, the card in the box is tipped out onto your hand. The box is clearly empty and you cleanly unfold the card in your hand to reveal the signed card.

Jon Allen has taken the 'Card To Clear Box' effect to a new level of performance and deception. He has created the absolute cleanest and most natural Card to Clear Box ever! Perfect for strolling, restaurant, formal close up and even parlour magicians.

Paragon has fooled and amazed some of the most renowned close up magicians on the planet. The illusion is so perfect you will fool yourself... and everyone who sees it will be blown away!

Some important points for you to know:

• The box can be viewed from a full 360 degrees.

• Feel free to leave the box on someone's hand or a table after the reveal.

• The box is immediately examinable after the tip out.

• No lighting limitations

• Resets in a matter of seconds

• You can easily change the object in the box i.e. playing card, paper money, prediction.

• Perfect for magic effects or mentalism.

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