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The Egg Bag (DVD and Gimmick) by Luis de Matos
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The Egg Bag (DVD and Gimmick) by Luis de Matos

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The Egg Bag (DVD and Gimmick) by Luis de Matos

Luis de Matos performs and explains his professional routine for the Malini Egg Bag. In this classic effect an egg vanishes and reappears inside a little black bag. What makes this version so strong is the finale in which a live chick is produced and given to the astonished child volunteer.

This effect has been a highlight of Luis de Matos' shows for over a decade. A Malini Style Egg Bag is included in the DVD. Full instructions are given for the handling of the egg bag, the presentation and the final load. Also includes full details about handling the livestock and presenting it as a gift to your volunteer. This is an effect that will be remembered by your audiences for years to come.

English language.

DVD Tutorial (1h 04m) + Malini Style Egg Bag


"This is a great gift to the magic community. If you perform the routine, you should strongly consider this package. If you are thinking about performing it, then this is a perfect starting place."
Fredrick Turner, MyLovelyAssistant 2/24/2014 Full Review

"This routine offers moments of amazement and humor, done in a gentle way that makes this one of my favorite egg bag routines. This would appeal to both amateur and professional magicians and would work under a variety of different conditions"
Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 12/1/2013

"I could certainly see the production of a live chick being a reputation maker but I would advise anybody to tread very wearily before embarking on such a path."
Ian Keable, The Magic Circular Magazine 4/22/2014

"The package is a complete and worthwhile introduction to a classic trick."
Francis Menotti, Magic Magazine 4/25/2014


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