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Invisible Ball by 52magic
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Invisible Ball by 52magic

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Invisible Ball by 52magic


The magician shows a dish of water without any impurities.He picks up a straw, and blows a bubble about 4.5 to 5 cm in diameter over the surface of the water.

Then he puts both hands into the water and holds bubble out.The holding bubble immediately becomes a soft and transparent ball. The audience can even check the ball.

Then magician puts the soft transparent ball back into the water again. Immediately,the transparent ball disappears,but turns to an orange, a real orange which can be tasted by audience.

The ball can be repeatedly used.
The ball will be invisible as soon as it is put into pure water.
The ball is invisible from any view.
According to the invisible feature, a lot of effects can be produced.

Whole product completes with 5 pieces of special invisible balls, and instruction paper. packed in metal box.
You should prepare straw, real orange and transparent bowl by yourself.


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