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Turn by Christophe Hery
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Turn by Christophe Hery

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Turn by Christophe Hery

This could be the final version of the “Quick Change”- the cleanest and fastest ever.

A simple turn-around transforms impossible effects into possible results--- Appearing, Disappearing, Changing to a different colored shirt, and even Cleaning up (from a shirt with a stain to a shirt that’s stain-free!) (The effects you see in the video are just a few of the unlimited possibilities!)

We’re sure you will find the inspiration to develop new, mind-boggling effects!

Very easy to set up, use, and handle.

Your hands are completely free throughout the transformation!

You are wearing a black T-shirt. You turn around (spin) with both arms outstretched.
When you return to face front, you are wearing a different colored T-shirt.

--- Gimmick works Silently

--- Easy to Set Up

--- Resets in 15 Seconds

--- Hands-free (neither hand involved)

Includes a special gimmick (ready to use) along with a T-shirt (medium-sized) for sample. Of course, you can customize it easily to modify whatever you want…any size, any color, anything!

・This instructional DVD is PAL format, so you need to play this DVD on your computer.

・ All explanations in the DVD are done in French (No English Speaking or subtitles), but it is easy to understand what they are showing you through their physical tutorial and performance. Also the handling is so simple and easy.

Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 0.4kg

The product actual weight: 0.27kg



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