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Zig Zag Coca Cola Bottle 2.0
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Zig Zag Coca Cola Bottle 2.0

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Weight: 1.150 kg
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Zig Zag Coca Cola Bottle 2.0


Magician presents a bottle of Coco cola, place it inside of a clear box leaving the upper half of the bottle outside, insert a metal sheet to cut the bottle through the middle into half visibly. No liquid comes out!! Magician moves the top half of the bottle back and forward, then pull it back in position. Take out the bottle, it is perfect, unharmed, Pour the coco cola into a cup for your spectator to drink...


- Surrounded performances

- Great for close-up and stage

- No need preparation

- No set up & Repeatable

- Great piece of interactive magic!

What is the difference from the old version?

Zig Zag Coca Cola Bottle 2.0 features a clear box to hold the bottle, making it possible to be seen in full view inside the box during the whole act,more convincing and entertained.




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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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