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Time Capsule
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Time Capsule

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Time Capsule

Two series of magic tricks on theme of universe.

(1) Magic capsule: Stars are placed into a capsule, wrap it in paper and do the shape of a rocket.  All stars are gone when the paper rocket is “launched” and opened.

(2) Legend of the Stars: Take one star & rub with hand, ask  spectator to do the same actions,  then put your star into  the spectator‘s hand and give it a few rubs, 2 extra small stars are split out, right in the spectator's hand. Again, take your star, with a magical gesture, visibly the star jumbs from your hand to the spectator's hand.

The shape of stars have excellent durability & simple to act.

Everyone will want to examine the stars at the end which is  totally fine! Everything is as examinable as it is charming.

Each set includes 6 stars.

Instructional video teaches you the entire routine.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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