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Power Experts
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Power Experts

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Power Experts

While using the powers of your mind, ask someone to think of a number or pick a card. The volunteer concentrates on the number or card and transfers the thought simply by touching your finger. When your fingers touch, they get an electric shock and you can reveal their reclusive thoughts!

Very easy to do! No skill necessary!
Watch! You can actually see the spark!
Listen! You can actually hear the shock!

A mind-blowing masterpiece and mentalist's dream. Make a florescent light bulb glow on and off with a touch of your finger, completely under your control. Charge spoons, keys, or coins.

Setup time is less than 5 seconds. You have full control with on, off. Electric Touch is a futuristic waterproof device smaller than a deck of cards! No toe or finger switches... power experts is 100% under your command!

Power Experts is a breakthrough in magic and mentalism that takes your magic to the next level! PLUS, the included FREE BONUS instructional video features, teaching you how to harness the power of Electric Touch personally! You're in a whole new zone!



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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