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Super Color Changing Wreaths
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Super Color Changing Wreaths

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Super Color Changing Wreaths

Here's one of the best tricks to add color to your show. And, it's so easy to do!

Bring out a cloth bag, and remove three white feather rings. You can even flash the inside of the bag to the audience. Place a feather ring into the bag, thread a red silk through the center hole, and the ring comes out red!

Repeat with the other two rings, and they change to yellow and blue.

Finally, place all three colored rings back into the bag, and thread all three silks through the center hole. You remove the rings, and apparently nothing has happened. Then, you toss the three rings into the air, and they instantly change into a big tri-colored ring!

Works well in a silent act with music, but also lends itself to a line of patter.

Comes with 6 wreaths, 3 silks (red, yellow, blue), a holed bag and instructional video.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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