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Shock Chewing Gum Pack - 12 Pieces (Dozen)
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Shock Chewing Gum Pack - 12 Pieces (Dozen)

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Shock Chewing Gum Pack - 12 Pieces (Dozen)

already striking out of the pack. Who doesn't love chewing gums? Most probably he or she will pull out the stick......AND will get a SHOCK of his life

All of your Family & Friends will want them after you pull the gag on them. The shocking pack of gum shocks harder than the other shocking gag gifts. When they pull the stick of gum it will give them a stunning shock. It's not real gum, but it will fool anyone into thinking that it is. These are so FUNNY. You're guaranteed to get your moneys worth in laughs.

Warning! Emits electrical shock, it may interfere with electrical devices. Keep out of reach from children.

our NEWEST shocking prank! It looks like a real pack of gum, ask them if they want a piece and Zap! they get a safe harmless shock!

Introductory pricing so stock up now and Zap your friends. Comes with a starter battery for thousands of shocks.
The Color, Look may differ. Function would be same.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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