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Pom Pom Stick
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Pom Pom Stick

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Pom Pom Stick

One of the finest, most commercial stand-up routine available today! Show a 15" long stick. Four giant pom-poms are attached to the stick. Two at one end and two at the other. The green and yellow pom-poms are attached to a long string at one end. The blue and red pom poms are attached to a short string at the other end. Now, the fun begins!

Show that the green pom-pom is attached to the yellow pom-pom. The blue pom-pom is attached to the red pom-pom.

Pull the green pom-pom and the yellow pom-pom goes up. Pull the red pom-pom and the yellow pom-pom goes up. Pull the blue pom-pom and the red pom-pom goes up. WOW! It looks like every pom-pom is attached to every other pom-pom! And there's always a long string at one end and a short string at the other end.

No one has ever seen a long string at both ends ... until tonight! Pull the yellow pom-pom, and suddenly, there are long strings at both ends.

Wonder what's inside that makes it all work? Show them.

Separate the stick into halves and let them look inside. There's nothing there! The insides are totally empty! This is very weird!! How can it work? Why can it work? Of what earthly use is it?




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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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