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Dream Coin Set by Johnny Wong (Walking Liberty Half Dollar)
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Dream Coin Set by Johnny Wong (Walking Liberty Half Dollar)

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Dream Coin Set by Johnny Wong (Walking Liberty Half Dollar)

This coin set has multiple functions and with it you will be able to perform great magic by applying simple principles. You will be able to create astonishing effects. Such as appearance and disappearance, penetration, 3 Fly, Coin Thru Bill, Splash Coins and more.

You will learn a fabulous Coin Assembly, a version of 3 Fly that will make your audience's eyes pop, the Production of Four Coins and the Vanish and Re-Appearance of Three Coins. You may see the sliced shell in it as a normal shell. And you may use the 2 in 1 Coin like Coin Thru Bill.

All in all you can create countless effects by using it. Basic Moves, Switches, Coin Thru Hand, 3 in 1, Splash Coin, Coins Flight, Coin Across, Appearance & Disappearance 3 Coins, The Misers Dream (production and vanishes four coin) and 5 killer effects from Johnny Wong.

Comes with the Walking Liberty Half Dollar coin set and video instruction.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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