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M-BOX 2.0 by Jimmy Fan (Half Dollar Size)
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M-BOX 2.0 by Jimmy Fan (Half Dollar Size)

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M-BOX 2.0 by Jimmy Fan (Half Dollar Size)

The overall design of box adopts the basic design of 1.0. The simple and elegant ring pattern is classic and fashionable.

Based on M-Box 1.0, this 2.0 adds the effect of Boston Box, but it is different from the traditional Boston Box. For the first time, we adopte a micro sinking embedded design to make the wholeness more perfect, and cover the gap better.

The bottom of M-box 2.0 changes a lot from that of traditional Boston Box. The bottom coin of traditional Boston Box can't be lifted up and down quickly. But using M-box 2.0, there is no need to fix the coin with magnet or stickers. Lifting up and down is very flexible. It can even be done with one hand.

It allows you to have a perfect seamless connection and switching when you want the boston effect or performing ordinary okito magic at any time, and even hand it out for examination at the end.

Maybe it will be the only coin box that you will carry with.

Improvement of M-Box 2.0:

1. Micro sinking embeded structure in the box. Audience will not observe the coins decreasing.

2. Micro sinking embeded structure at the bottom of the box. It will not be too abrupt when the audience checks the box, because there is no place to hide anything. (The reason why the usual boston box cannot be checked is that it sinks too much. It is easy to doubt whether a coin is put in, and audience may pick up the coin and try it.)

3. No need to use magnet or stickers to fix the bottom coin. More quick and flexible to lift the coin up and down. Easy to hand out for examination.

- Special bottom design that has never been done before
- Made of high-density H62 brass
- Classic ring pattern never outdated
- Match lots of coins set on the market

Every box is hand-polished, and personally debug it to ensure that each box has a good feel. Because it is not a factory machine production, there will inevitably be manual traces, but I will try my best to be as fine as possible. Each box is unique.

Comes with a M-BOX 2.0, a half dollar shell and video instruction. Please prepare your four half dollars.


Demo:  M-BOX 2.0 by Jimmy Fan (Half Dollar Size)

Demo:  M-BOX 2.0 by Jimmy Fan (Morgan Size)

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