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Dining Cart Production
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Dining Cart Production

Unit: kg
Weight: 76.000 kg
List Price: $3000.00
Price: $1299.00
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Dining Cart Production

The magician invites a beautiful lady to the stage and it seems they are going to have a dinner together. The magician takes the cover of the dining cart away. Nothing in the plate? How will they go on their dinner? Cover the plate. And take away the cloth surrounded by the cart. There is nothing under it. The magician uncovers the plate again. A full plate with kinds of cakes are shown. How it could be possible?

This a fantastic prop made of stainless steel, detachable, and portable.

It can produce food, such as cake, steak, etc. As you like.

The audiences can view and enjoy this magic from all sides.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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