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Ellis Ring
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Ellis Ring

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Ellis Ring

This wonderful item has dazzled audiences for years.

It's a metal ring which can do the most amazing things. For instance, it can penetrate onto a borrowed handkerchief - while the ends of the hank are being held by the spectator! It can magically pass through ropes, or even your magic wand! Another possibility with this fine prop is to place it on the spectator's thumb. Cover the thumb with a hank, remove the ring, and make it vanish. Where is the ring? Believe it or not, it's back on the spectator's thumb - and the spectator does not know how it got there!

These are also other effects that may be done with this wonderful ring.

The Ellis Ring is a precision-made piece of prop that you will be proud to own. A world of possibilities.

This is an excellent pocket trick! Great close-up magic, to carry in your pocket, and use any time, any where.




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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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