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Pom Pom Pole (Metal)
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Pom Pom Pole (Metal)

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Pom Pom Pole (Metal)

This classic trick is now available in a slightly smaller size beautifully produced with precision engineering and dedication.

Show a metal pole with a cord passing through each end.
There are 4 different colored pom-poms attached to each end of the cord.
Each time one pom-pom is pulled another pom-pom goes into the stick indicating that it is connected.
It gives the illusion that the string has four ends.
For the ending you separate the Pole showing there is no cross-connection between the pom-poms.
Put it back together and again it works again!

- No Preparation Required
- Break-Apart Pole
- All Ready to Perform
- Perfect Illusion

Length: 23.5cm



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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