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Barstool Levitation
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Barstool Levitation

Unit: kg
Weight: 29.000 kg
List Price: $1500.00
Price: $990.00
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Barstool Levitation

The performer sits on a barstool. At one moment he rises off of the stool in a sitting position, going up or down at will. When finished, the performer is free to stand up and walk away from the stool. 
- No setup required, the stool is always ready!
- You are in complete control, not at the mercy of a tech.

Perfect for clubs and cruise ships with easy travel and instant setup. Very appropriate for comedy effects and situational comedy. Most importantly this looks like a barstool, not a magic prop!

The maximum weight  for the performer is 100kg.

Comes with a barstool and video instruction.




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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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