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Snag (DVD and Gimmicks) by Ben Howard
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Snag (DVD and Gimmicks) by Ben Howard

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Features: Get your audience involved. Borrow a ring and make it vanish, then reappear linked onto your necklace.
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Snag (DVD and Gimmicks) by Ben Howard


Ring magic has never been this intimate and powerful!

A presentation is always more captivating when the audience is involved. Many performers will ask spectators to sign a card, or put their hands together, but this trick will utilize one of the most sentimental pieces of jewelry people tend to wear. A ring!

SansMinds is proud to introduce Snag. An illusion from the mind of a rising star in the industry, Ben Howard.

With this trick, you can borrow a ring from any unsuspecting passerby, make it vanish right in front of them, only to have it reappear, linked to your necklace! Making anything vanish and reappear is already a great trick in itself. Doing it with an item as personal as a ring? Amazing!

What's in the Box?
1 Snag Instructional DVD
1 Chain Necklace
1 Gimmick Package


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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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