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X-Ray Vision
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X-Ray Vision

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X-Ray Vision

Discern their thoughts! Hand the spectator a dice and a small box
into which the dice fits . On each of the dice's six sides is a different
 number(from 1 to 6). The spectator selects one number and places the dice
 into the box, while the magician's back is turned. Handing the box over
to the magician is all it takes - the magician instantly knows which of
the six numbers was selected. Easy to do! No sleight of hand.
All the props are examineable.

Why we Love it

It packs a lot of punch for the dollar.
It's extremely fun to perform over and over again.
It can be examined and examined and examined some more! Everything inside the box is inspectable...


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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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