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Daniel Ka\'s Linking Ropes by Daniel Ka
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Daniel Ka's Linking Ropes by Daniel Ka

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Daniel Ka's Linking Ropes by Daniel Ka

A fresh new twist on the classic Linking Ropes.

This version is Daniel Ka's adaptation of the Linking Ropes created by E.J. Moore and updated later by Peter Gloviczki and Ka includes this routine in his current performance repertoire.

As for the quality, the ropes are manufactured and handmade by the Spanish magician Paco Herrero. The highest grade of German magnets are employed and its fabrication is first-rate making it a professional grade prop of the highest order.

EFFECT: The magician shows three pieces of rope and ties a knot in each one creating three knotted loops of rope. The loops mysteriously link and unlink. Two of the loops then become one large loop that joins the last loop creating a large loop with two knots. Finally the knots dissolve away leaving one long length of ordinary rope, rounding out a fine rope routine.

Daniel Ka's "Luxury Linking Ropes" is a beautiful rope routine that brings a fresh new twist to this longstanding effect.
- High quality ropes.
- Best neodymium magnets in the market (made in Germany).
- Carefully handmade in Spain.
- Very durable prop.
- High class professional routine.
- The most complete and highest quality linking ropes routine in the market.

Link to online video instructions with very detailed explanations.
Two different routines explained (the full routine and an easier one).

"Daniel Ka is a rising star in magic... His mind works in wonderful ways. Now he is sharing his secrets with our community. Daniel's creations will help make you a better performer!"
- Jeff McBride, Las Vegas headliner

"Attractive and commercial style routine. Excellent quality materials." -Peter Pitchford, MagicSeen Magazine



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