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Mephisto\'s Candles
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Mephisto's Candles

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Mephisto's Candles

This is a really diabolical effect! One of the many highlights in Astor’s cabaret act. Read the description word by word.

The magician lights a white candle, resting in a nice chandelier. It’s a very tall candle and it burns bright. Now he takes the candle out of the chandelier and holds it with the fingertips of just one hand. The candle is shown from all sides, there is nothing else in the magician’s hand.

Now the magician shows his other hand empty and touches the burning candle. The hands now move a little bit to the right and left and the spectators won’t believe their eyes: The burning candle slowly and in full view multiplies into two burning candles! Now the magician is holding one large burning candle in each hand. They are then put aside into the chandelier and can burn on while the show goes on!

This effect is ideal for any manipulative act, but also for comedians, emcees or any stage performer.

The facts: A real candle is used, no fake.You are just holding a candle at the beginning.The candle doubles and does not get smaller/ thinner when being multiplied!No sleight of hand!A prepared Mephisto Candle can be used over and over but it will get shorter at each performance because it’s burning.
We supply you with a nice box that contains two unprepared candles and a detailed instruction on how to prepare a Mephisto’s Candle in some minutes. Yes, it’s true: you can prepare as many Mephisto Candles for your own personal use as you want to. Different kinds of candles can be prepared. It does not matter if you use a 5, 10 or 15 inch candle! And you can use candles in all colors, such as red, white, green, blue, yellow etc.! Buy unprepared candles anywhere in the world and make your own Mephisto Candles within minutes. (No, there is nothing to be cut…)

You can take our word for it, you will enjoy doing this and will be delighted with the audience response it gains!

Do not buy this item if you search for a trick that you can take out of the package and perform it. You first have to invest some minutes to prepare!
Also do not buy this item if you are not willing to pay for a secret. Beside the instruction you will only get two unprepared candles in a nice packaging. The secret is the main value you get.

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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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