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Dynamic Coins (UK 10 Pence)
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Dynamic Coins (UK 10 Pence)

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Dynamic Coins (UK 10 Pence)

This is hands down one of the best coin tricks going and probably one of the most long standing and popular tricks in the shop!

The performer shows the spectator a pair of brass caps and a brass ring.

With a gesture and a tap he can make five 10p coins mysteriously appear from underneath one of the caps!

He takes the stack of coins and places them on top of the other cap, placing the first one back over the top of the coins. He makes another gesture and a tap and now the coins have penetrated through and into the bottom cap!

He separates the caps out and places the coins underneath one of them. Another gesture and a tap and now the coins have magically transferred across to the empty cap!

Finally he closes the caps together with the coins inside. You can still hear them rattling around. Can you really!? Because when he opens them once more the 10p coins have totally vanished and the caps are empty!

The working of this magnificent trick is instantly performable and requires no skill other then learning the routine, meaning even beginners can show off with this awesome illusion!

Comes with gimmicks and instructions.

You need to prepare 10 pence by yourself to get better effect.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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