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Flying Spoon Final (With DVD)
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Flying Spoon Final (With DVD)

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Flying Spoon Final (With DVD)

Magician shows a spoon, then…………

The spoon magically multiplies into two spoons, and then one spoon disappears from the magician’s hand..

Oh, yes, but it is just an appetizer before the endless full course magic.

The vanished spoon appears from another hand, and then jumps to the other hand to hand…

Here comes more. The spoon multiplies into 4 spoons. The magical dinner hasn’t finished yet.

For the magical dessert, the magician shows another spoon, and then the spoon magically multiplies into 4 spoons.

We believe this full-course spoon magic will satisfy your appetite!

Comes with everything you need for the complete routine, including instructional DVD.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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