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Animated Optical Illusions (Set of 18)
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Animated Optical Illusions (Set of 18)

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Animated Optical Illusions (Set of 18)

4 cards one set, 18 sets in total.

Gaze in wonder as mysterious images transform into magical animations.

Each set includes 4 magic moving cards and a black plastic sheet.

Usage; cover the card with the plastic sheet, aligning the sides, then move rightwards  against the card.

The picture on each card is as following:

Set 1:  galloper, dove, rotating diamond

Set 2: rope skipping, kite flying, tornado legs, gun

Set 3; cook, sika deer, Gongu kid, count

Set 4: Swirl, playing cube, overhead kick, SMG

Set 5; climbing, pedetid, Fuck off ,African Elephant

Set 6: juggling, rings,robber,tiger

Set 7: digging,boating,dancing, hawk

Set 8: hula hoop, playing basketball, dancer,telephone

Set 9: rat, dragon,plane,shooting

Set 10: cock, black swan, ripples, cycling race

Set 11: eyes,skating,kung fu,windmill

Set 12; heart,swing, helicoper,climbing the stairs

Set 13: car, skis, T-REX, Wizard

Set 14: clap,elephant,push-up, rocker

Set 15: football, pushball, patrol, polar bear

Set 16; monkey,playing sax,throwing softball ,clown

Set 17: sailing boat, rocking chair, kangaroo, playing tennis

Set 18: bat, motorcycler,flying, pitching

Physical diagram as follow: Set 8


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