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Super Multiplying Martini Bottles (12 Bottles, Pour Liquid)
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Super Multiplying Martini Bottles (12 Bottles, Pour Liquid)

Unit: kg
Weight: 2.800 kg
Features: Multiplying Bottles
List Price: $450.00
Price: $179.00
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Super Multiplying Martini Bottles (12 Bottles, Pour Liquid)

These bottles are manufactured in aluminium and are made to the highest specification and they will never lose their colour.

The routine starts out the same as the classic Passe Bottles. One bottle; one glass and two tubes. First the bottle is under one tube, the glass is under the other. Suddenly, they change place! And they change place again and again. But, that's just the beginning! Magically, another bottle appears, then another and another. Until you have a total of 12 BOTTLES on your table!

Two of the bottles even have a liquid compartment, so you can actually pour a drink at the end!

They are very versatile and you can perform many different effects with them, such as: Bottle and Glass Transposition/Multiplying Bottles/Silk – Bottle – Wand etc.

Each set includes two sets of six bottles and each set comes complete with tubes.

These bottles are the best. You will be proud to own them; proud to show them!

The price is really low for such a superior prop.


Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 2.8kg

The product actual weight: 1.5kg



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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