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Multiplying Sponge Feet to Jumbo Mystery
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Multiplying Sponge Feet to Jumbo Mystery

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Multiplying Sponge feet to Jumbo Mystery

Lots of fun!

A really cute trick that has lots of possibilities- and it happens right in your spectator's hand!

Show two little red sponge feet to your spectator. Put one in her hand, and the other in yours. Slowly open your hand- the foot has disappeared! When she opens her hand, she's holding TWO feet!

Yes, you can make the feet vanish, appear and multiply exactly the same way as any Sponge Balls set works! But these are funny because they are FEET! Which means there is a lot of joke-telling potential here!

And there is a kicker, too! ("Kicker"- ha ha!) At the end of your routine, there is a surprise- you make a Big Foot appear! You can either turn one or two of the sponge feet into the Big Foot, or you can turn a "sponge ball" into the Foot, as Peter shows in the demo video. Wow!

Dimensions: the Big Foot sponge is about 4" long, and the smaller foot sponges are about 1.5" long.
Performance Ideas:
Go head ("a-head".. get it? LOL) and use these feet jokes!

If your feet smell and your nose runs, you're built upside down.
If athletes get athletes' feet, do astronauts get mistletoe?
Why didn't the grizzly wear any shoes?
He wanted to go bear foot.
What do you get when you play the piano with your feet?
Why did the hippo wear red rain boots on her feet?
Because she couldn’t find her yellow ones.
Why did the mother snake buy tennis shoes for her little snake?
Because the doctor said he'd grown two feet!
What kind of vehicle did the foot doctor drive?
A toe truck
Why isn’t your nose 12 inches long?
Because then it would be a foot
Did you hear the joke about the gym sock?
You don’t want to. It stinks.


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