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Lethal by Bobby Motta
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Lethal by Bobby Motta

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Weight: 3.800 kg
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Lethal by Bobby Motta

Bobby Motta's Lethal is one item that has generated a tremendous amount of buzz and will leave your audience dumbfounded for sure! 

The magi has a spectator select a card, sign it and put it back in a shuffled deck - even allowing the spectator shuffle the cards. Next the magus produces a big knife and a target board, which is brought out and actually placed around the spectator’s neck, the bull’s eye covering his torso. 

Now the fun really begins, and the suspense too. A deck of cards is sprung into the air and the magi throws a knife towards the target board, and in mid-air, the knife pins one card to the board!  Which amazingly turns out to be the spectators signed card!

This is more then a trick but a total act, and the good news is it is always under your control.  There are no stooges or assistants and the gimmick is absolutely self-contained allowing you to perform it any environment. 

Comes complete with everything you need and includes a full-length instructional DVD.


The dimensional weight (shippment): 3.8kg

Actual weight of the product: 2.2kg




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