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Vanishing Bouquet And Vase
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Vanishing Bouquet And Vase

Unit: kg
Weight: 8.500 kg
List Price: $550.00
Price: $350.00
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Vanishing Bouquet And Vase

There is a beautiful bouquet vase on the table. The magician covers the flower vase under a large silk. It vanishes with a brisk gesture. Holding the silk, he says pop and vanish it. The most exciting and attractive magic trick ever seen. Many professional magicians have opened their act with this item to astonish their audience.

This trick is completely selfworking, it is very easy to do and very visual. As you look at the picture, the last picture looks like the flowers could be behind the man but they are NOT, he was just standing that way. The item in the pictures is the one you get (the large silk in not included).

The supporting tube is PVC material covered with woodgrain,which is more beautiful.

The item includes a bouquet, vase and a table which can be separated to portable parts.



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Total Rate:  Review Summary: 0 reviews Write a review
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